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Alpha Supplies Ltd

The UK's most comprehensive online church furniture specialist

tags: furniture, nfe 2009

Ashes Into Glass

Cremated ashes made into glass

tags: cremated remains, glass, nfe 2009

Ashes to Earth

A Bespoke Scattering Service

tags: cremated remains, nfe 2009, scattering

Auden Funeral Supplies

One of the UK's leading manufacturers of high quality funeral equipment

tags: equipment, nfe 2009

Binz UK - Nilsson Ltd

The leading supplier of Mercedes Hearses and Limousines

tags: hearse, limousine, nfe 2009

Bridge Insurance Brokers

We are one of the North West's largest corporate insurance brokers

tags: insurance, nfe 2009

British Humanist Association

The leading network of celebrants trained and accredited to conduct humanist funerals

tags: celebrant, nfe 2009, training

British Institute of Funeral Directors (BIFD)

We aim to promote education services within the UK funeral profession.

tags: nfe 2009, professional body, trade association

Brook York (Menswear)

We supply quality specialist clothing for the funeral profession

tags: clothing, nfe 2009, uniform

Brookeswood Ltd

Quality joinery products created by craftsmen

tags: coffin, nfe 2009, urn

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