About fdSuppliers

fdSuppliers is a directory of businesses and other organisations supplying goods and services to Funeral Directors in the UK. We aim to list all organisations that serve the Funeral Industry, regardless of their affiliation with any trade associations or professional body.

Although we ask all users to register to use the site, access is free.

Suppliers can create a free basic listing for their business and can upgrade to a premium listing for just £200 per year (£30 for Celebrants) for the features shown below:

Feature Basic Premium
Phone, Fax, Mobile numbers
Email Address
Website Address
Short Description (60 letters)
Long Description
are the categories under which your organisation is listed. NB: tags are not applicable to Celebrants.
2 10
Interactive Google Maps
make it easy for your Clients to find you
Image Gallery
use this to display images relevant to your product or service
show which professional bodies and trade associations your organisation belongs to
News Publishing
Publish your product and service announcements on the site front page, your own listing, and on related tag pages.
YouTube Video New!
Embed a YouTube video
Access to upcoming features
we're working on new features which will only be available for premium listings

If you'd like to see a sample premium listing, take a look at Volkswagen Funerals.

To get started, simply register to use the site and then create a listing for your Organisation.

To upgrade your listing, go to your account and click the 'upgrade listing' button.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback for us, please contact us: we would love to hear from you.

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